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Sending your list to Municipal Marketing Services.

The BEST list you can use is a PURCHASED list. These lists are typically the most accurate. You might think a tax list from your municipality is the best way to go, but keep in mind, the addresses on a tax list are those of the property OWNER who may NOT live in the property! Also, an apartment building will have only a single address, the property owner, NOT the addresses of each of the apartments.

If you are a current customer and need a copy of your existing list to make corrections or updates, click on the ORDER REPORTS link at the left.

The ultimate success of your direct mail fundraising campaign can be measured, by a number of factors. One of the most crucial steps in creating a successful campaign is obtaining an accurate, up to date mailing list.

Since Municipal Marketing Services has been providing direct mail fundraising programs since 1980, based on our experience, we have developed a number of tips and preferences on providing your mailing list to us for input into our computer system.

Of course, we can hand input your list from paper, but the easiest and most efficient method is to supply your list on disk, CD or via email.

Realizing that there are thousands of computer programs available, not only PC based, but also mainframe type computer systems, we have to limit the types of files we can convert into our system.

Types of Files

Our most preferred type of file is a simple, tab delimited, text file or a Microsoft Excel file. A text file would have a .txt extension after the file name and can be created from MOST programs. This includes some of the most widely used programs such as: Microsoft Word and Excel, WordPerfect, and other office suites. Please check your program documentation for instructions on how to export (or SAVE AS) a text file. For most programs, your help file can be accessed from within your program by pressing F1 on your keyboard.

PLEASE: we CANNOT use a label format file or a printout to a file. If your file is not received in the correct format, it may be returned to you!


In supplying your mailing list to Municipal Marketing Services, please keep in mind that our system only uses the fields necessary to process your mailing. We do not use or need tax parcel numbers, phone numbers, property descriptions, etc. This information will not be used if supplied.

IT IS IMPERATIVE that you tell us what fields are contained in your file and what fields to use. Normally, we use the following fields:

Field Name Data Type Max. Field Length Data Example Explanation
NAME TEXT 35 DOE, JOHN The name of your resident or business.
ADDRESS TEXT 30 12345 N MAIN ST The address of your resident or business.
EXTRA ADDRESS TEXT 30 APT 301 The apartment, suite or unit number. This field can also be used to refer to the actual property address in the case of a non-resident owner.
CITY STATE TEXT 25 ANY TOWN PA The city and state of the address.
ZIP TEXT 10 15237 The Zip Code of the address.
TYPE TEXT 2 01 This field identifies the area you want to assign to this address for use in your statistical analysis. This can be used to identify businesses, residents or apartments.

How to Send MMS Your Address List

You can EITHER send your list to us on a disk, a CD, or you can email the list to us (contact your Account Executive or Sales Office for the correct email address). IT IS IMPORTANT that you identify yourself, provide a phone number and MOST IMPORTANT identify the organization you represent. If you are an existing customer for which we already maintain your mailing list, please let us know if we are to replace your existing list or if your new list is just additions to your current list on file.

Sending Photos

If you want to send us photos or other graphic images to use in your newsletter, you can either send them on a disk, CD, or email the graphic image or photo to us (contact your Account Executive or Sales Office for the correct email address). PLEASE, DO NOT SEND us a Word document (.doc extension) to use for the picture.

As with data files, there are many different types of graphic formats available. Our preferred format is to have the image as a tagged image format. This file would have a file extension of: .tif and would offer the highest quality.

Our next preferred format is as a "jpeg" file with an extension of .jpg. While this format is generally the most universally accepted format, it offers slightly less quality than that of a .tif file.

As mentioned above, in all cases, please identify yourself, provide a phone number and MOST IMPORTANT identify the organization you represent.